Unidentified Reptile-Rodent Hybrid Shows up in the Netherlands


NOORD BRABANT, Netherlands — A man in the southern Netherlands claims he saw an animal he wasn’t able to identify.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, told Cryptozoology News on Friday that he was walking through the forest when he heard rustling coming out of the bushes nearby.

“I looked and saw a white lizard that also looked like a rodent,” he said about the 10 a.m. Fall of 2015 encounter. “I walked over to it and it ran away.”

The Dutchman says that the unidentified animal vanished into a grass field.

He described the creature as a “mouse-reptile hybrid” with white fur and scales.

“It had no ears. Its long tail was also scaly and had fur on it.”

He added that it featured sharp claws on its feet.

Sightings of hybrid animals are commonly reported to our publication.

Also in 2013, a woman released footage of a creature she believed to be the Dogman.

In 2015, a woman said she had seen a pink pig-like bipedal animal near Murray, Kentucky.

In 2016, two people claimed to have spotted a kangaroo-dog mix in Missouri.

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