Police in Argentina claim they took a photo of an alien in a Park.


 Make of this what you will.

Police in Argentina have taken a photo of what they say is an alien wandering around a park.

The police visited the park after a group of youths called the police to report seeing a strange creature in the area.

When the police arrived at the park they searched for the creature and soon spotted what they described as a ‘strange being of an appearance that resembled a traditional extraterrestrial’. As soon as they seen it they started taking photo’s with their cell/mobile phones.

When the police approached the alien it apparently jumped into the river and ran off. The police lost sight of it!

Some say this is all fake. One person explained that it is the same alien from the movie Signs. The image of the alien as been reversed with a different head added. It’s a Photoshop job!

This is the alien from Signs

What do you make of it?

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