Man defends ‘Gurning Championships’ title. Uhm, Yeah it’s a real thing!


The contest involves contorting your face in to a ridiculous pose. Image Credit: YouTube / Tyler News

50-year-old Ady Zivelonghi from Coventry has won the face-pulling contest for the second year in a row.

When it comes to strange sports, it’s difficult to find anything more bizarre than this.

The World Gurning Championships, which are traditionally held in the UK at the 750-year-old Egremont Crab Fair, require each contestant to pull as ridiculous a face as possible.

The winner is the one who can distort their face the most without using their hands.

Ady Zivelonghi, who has won the contest two years running, attributes his success to his special move that he calls ‘The Predator’ after the creature from the 1987 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Adrian has been taking part in the competition since around the year 2000, and has been attending every year since,” said Crab Fair organiser Steve Foster.

“It looks like it is just pulling faces, but they work hard to work out their techniques to hold the poses. Adrian has worked hard to perfect his technique, and this year it has paid off.”

Source: BBC News

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