Retired Veteran Sees ‘Bigfoot’ in Texas


Burleson County, Texas — A retired veteran in south central Texas says he saw an unidentified bipedal creature.

The man, whose name wasn’t released by the BFRO, said he was driving on Highway 60 toward Burleson County on the night of September 2 when he noticed the “large dark object” on the side of the road, just about 300 yards after crossing the Brazos River.

“It was 2:45 a.m., I was traveling at 80 mph, so I passed it fast, but it rose up to a standing position and took a leap into the darkness,” he said about encounter. ” I have never seen anything like it. I have fished everywhere, from Montana to Argentina.”

BFRO investigator Eljay Willow reportedly conducted a telephone interview with the eyewitness and was able to determine more details about the purported encounter.

“The river is quite flooded from Hurricane Harvey, pushing some wildlife north,” explains Willow. “At first he thought it was a large hog, but it immediately stood up and got out of sight.”

According to Willow, the eyewitness described the animal as a “dark tall and thick bipedal”.

“He says it was about 8 feet tall,” says Willow, adding that the Texas man was “confident in his measurement”. “He says it was slightly taller than a street sign.”

Willow, an ex-military officer “dedicated to conducting Bigfoot investigations based on evidence”, says the man claimed to be a skeptic until his alleged sighting.

Last June, a man also from eastern Texas, says he was fishing on the Trinity river when he recorded the images –posted below– of what he called a Sasquatch.

In 2015, a Texas man said he had an encounter with Bigfoot and that the monkey-like being had even “smiled” at him.

The same year, a preacher in Wise County, Texas claimed a Bigfoot was living in the area.

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