Mass Whipping of 2,000 Women And Girls to Cast Away Evil Spirit


People are very shocking sometimes! They do things which can give you goosebumps. In relative to that a strange ritual of Tamil Nadu grabbed the eyeballs of media. 2,000 women including school-going teen-aged girls, who were believed to be ‘possessed’ by evil spirits were given vicious whiplashes to cast away evil spirits. During the festival of Vijayadashami at the ancient Sri Achappan Temple at Bavithram Vellalapatti, this bizarre tradition was conducted in a remote village situated on the border of Tiruchi and Namakkal districts.

In this tradition, the men priests lashed out on the ‘possessed’ women in the ‘lashing ground’ near the temple. Such an ill-mannered behaviour by humans on the name of tradition. Want to ask why demonic possessions happen to women only? Why there is no any tradition to cast evil spirit from men. In those 2,000 women, many of them were young school and college-going girls, who winced when they received the lashes and writhed in pain on the ground. The long and wieldy whips forcing them to sob and cry in searing pain. Many were given three to four flogs to drive away the ‘multiple spirits’ that possessed them.

Watch this video:

Seriously insane! Isn’t it a taboo. A  12 years girl said she was brought here by her parents because of her disinterest in studies. They thought an evil spirit is resisting her from studying. What type of people are these? Do they really belong to the 21st century? Another girl, about 16, from a village in Dindigul district was brought to the ‘lashing ground’ as she was yet to attain puberty and another for her irregular menstrual periods.

Women have been victims of customs and rituals in the Indian society since ancient times. Just think why such practices are continuing even today and suggest ways to stop them.

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