Arizona Man Spots ‘Bigfoot’ in Mogollon Rim


STRAWBERRY, Ariz. — A man in central Arizona says he saw a Bigfoot creature in the Coconino National Forest.

bigfoot arizona

The Mogollon Rim. Credit: Kevin Dooley, CC BY 2.0

The eyewitness claims he was camping in a USFS campground in the Mogollon Rim area when he spotted the alleged beast.

“I had finished reading a book when I looked across the campground and I noticed a very fast moving dark figure, heading from north to south,” he said about the June 26, 2016 encounter.

The man goes on to say that he initially believed the figure was a “large kid on a bicycle”, because “it was moving too fast”. Then, he explains, he realized that what he was looking at was something unusual.

“It was a very large Bigfoot. It only lasted about three seconds, but I was lucky to see it at all.”

The camper adds that dark figure was about 125 yards from his viewpoint, therefore he was not able to identify “facial details”.

“It ran with a slight forward slant to its body. Its head did not bob up and down like a human runner’s head at that speed.”

Its coat, he explained, was “almost black” with a “slight reddish tint”.

The alleged sighting prompted an investigation by BFRO member Chuck Jacobs.

Jacob says that 9 days after the incident, the depressions in the grass were still at the sighting spot.

“It was not possible to get an accurate measurement of the foot size, but the length of the stride was clearly longer than what a human could achieve,” said Jacobs.

He added that they were able to estimate the height of the purported creature and set it at about 8 feet.

“That would be standing erect,” he explained.

Jacobs determined that the figure couldn’t have been a human being given the extremely large size of it. Additionally, he continued, “it moved faster than a human could run.”

The Mogollon Monster, a bipedal creature many claim to be a type of Bigfoot, has been often reported roaming along the Mogollon Rim, in central and eastern Arizona.

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