Bronze Age Structures Unearthed on Greek Island of Thirassia


SANTORINI, GREECE—Newsweek reports that archaeologists from Ionian University, the University of Crete, and the Cycladic Antiquities Bureau have found Bronze Age stone structures linked by a series of stone platforms on Thirassia, one of the Santorini islands. The many buildings, constructed in various designs on terraces dug into steep slopes, suggest a large population lived at the site. One of the structures, an oval-shaped building, may have been a monument or temple. The site is thought to have been abandoned before it was covered by layers of lava and volcanic ash during the volcanic eruption on the island of Thera in the mid-second millennium B.C. The excavation team also recovered pottery, polished stone tools, crushing implements, and large storage vessels, in addition to bones, shells, and pieces of wood. For more, go to “The Minoans of Crete.”

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