Family Encounters Humanoid Creature in Argentina


ARGENTINA — A family of five claims they encountered a humanoid creature in the southern area of the Patagonia province.

The Argentinian family says they were camping in Puerto Coig when they an unidentified noise caught their attention.

“It was about midnight, Monday, October 16. We heard a continuous soft noise, it lasted for about one hour,” said the father of three said on MUFON. “My kids, who are into astronomy, study in Buenos Aires so we figured we’d go and camp in a quiet area and observe the stars.”

An hour later, he adds, an “electric blue” light illuminated the western sky.

“It felt as though someone was lighting up the sky. We decided to go and check out the valley, thinking it could be coming from an oil field.”

The Argentinian man explains that as they reached the valley, a “grey and big helicopter” was flying over the blue light.

“The helicopter didn’t have any lights on, but the blue light under it kept it visible. It was noiseless, the actual noise was coming from the valley.”

Suddenly, a humanoid figure reportedly came out of the valley and began walking toward the family.

“It was very tall, we initially thought it was human, but then we used the binoculars and realized it didn’t have hands not feet. It was hovering over the ground.”

The man described the entity as having a long and thin neck and it had an object wrapped around it, “like a dark collar with a spinning light”.

“When this thing put its arms up, we began running like crazy, trying to reach the camping area. As soon as we arrived, we clumsily got everything in our backpacks, got in the van and left at a high speed.”

The eyewitnesses claim they snapped a few pictures of the incident with an adapter on the binoculars. There were not pictures posted on the MUFON report.

Two additional reports about a similar event in the area were posted to the website just one day earlier.

In 2014, multiple witnesses claimed they saw a humanoid-type creature hovering over the beaches of Necochea, Argentina.

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