Hailstorm dumps almost five feet of hailstones in minutes


The aftermath of a storm which dumped up to five feet of water and hail in Argentina has been revealed in images released by the World Meteorological Organisation.

Officials said a fierce hailstorm hit towns in the central Argentinian province of Cordoba on Thursday afternoon, leaving roads closed and vehicles unable to move.

The incredible photos show fire fighters rescuing cars stuck up to their windows in hailstones and a road swamped in debris.

Hailstones left cars stranded in Argentina’s central region (SMN)

There were reports of several injuries and homes, cars and trees were damaged in the storm.

The hailstones, some of which were as big as tennis balls, led to some families being evacuated, according to local media.

Cordoba was covered in almost five feet of hailstones (SMN)

One woman had to be rescued and treated for hypothermia after becoming stuck while driving her motorcycle.

In another recscue effort, fire fighters took almost two hours to salvage a car and a van trapped in the hail.