Irish school poltergeist is caught again in new CCTV footage


Deerpark CBS Secondary School in Cork, Ireland, have shared another video from their CCTV which shows more poltergeist activity in the school hallway.

The school first shared CCTV footage of a ghost rampaging through the hallways earlier this month.  You can watch that video here.

In the latest video which was recorded just after 5.30am on 26th October, loud banging can be heard, a chair lifts up off the floor, levitates for a few seconds before being dropped back down, a bag flies off from the top of the lockers, a poster flies off the wall and more chairs move across the floor.

The school posted the video onto their Facebook page with the message “So this happened… NEW CCTV footage from Deerpark CB”.

The last video suggested it may be a hoax to promote an upcoming Halloween event called FearPark. So could this new clip be part of another part of a big hoax or is it real?

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