Hockey Coach Gives Kids Obscene Pep Talk, Gets Canned


He wanted the kids fired up. Now he’s fired, Thank goodness.
An unnamed youth hockey coach was dismissed Friday after his unhinged pep talk emerged on social media, according to multiple news outlets.

To hear the Unfiltered version scroll down

Deadspin was among the first news sites to post the clip, which must be seen to be believed. Before an Oct. 6 game, the assistant coach screamed to his players on the Bantam A. Black U14 hockey team of the Littleton (Colorado) Hockey Association:
“I want to see you sticking your hands up these guys’ asses and working ’em like a f******* puppet!”

He later yelled about the opposing team, “I want to see you beat up Green Mountain. F*** Green Mountain! F*** their coaches! F*** their wives! F*** their friends!”

Told by those in the room he could be heard elsewhere, the coach responded, “I don’t care.”

Here’s the unfiltered rant which “Please be advised”

The league was informed of the coach’s speech through a complaint from USA Hockey, the Denver Post reported.

“This unfortunate event is not a representation of our association and out of respect for the families and the sport we are diligently working to correct the situation,” league president George Stieduhar said in a statement to the CBS affiliate in Denver.

The coach issued an apology to both teams, according to the station.

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