A happy haunted birthday to you


People are booking actual haunted mansions on birthdays! That’s right. And Oye Happy, which calls itself ‘a surprise portal which creates unique gifts and special experiences,’  has tied up with Paranormal Society of India to allow thrill seekers to celebrate the day in an actual haunted mansion.  It took off in a big way around the Delhi NCR region during Halloween. The team from Paranormal Society creates a personalised experience for clients who want to cut their birthday or anniversary cake in a horrifyingly different manner. They also have interesting news for enthusiastic Hyderabadis. Here is what Varun Todi,  Co-founder and Creative Director, Oye Happy tells  us more.

When did this trend begin?
Since the last two years, we have seen an emerging trend in people wanting to indulge in unique ways of celebrating occasions rather than going for regular dinners and parties. Unique experiences have a high social media co-efficient and that inspires others in their circle to do something different too.

Which other cities have this facility? Has anyone done something similar in Hyderabad?
We offer our experiences across the country and Hyderabad happens to be our headquarter. The trend of spooky experiences began in Hyderabad a year ago when we tied up with House of Horrors in GVK One Mall. So you walk in with your friend like a casual customer, explore the spooky place for a few minutes and just as you are about to exit, you will find a cake kept in a secluded area. Suddenly, the birthday song will be played in the background and all the ghosts will join you in singing the birthday song for your friend. Over 500 customers have celebrated their birthdays, anniversaries, Friendship’s Day and even proposed inside the scary house. Similarly, we at Oye Happy offer several unique experiences in the city. You can spend an hour playing with dozens of puppies inside a kennel, you can charter an aircraft and cut your birthday cake 1000-feet off the ground, you can arrange for a romantic dinner by the waterfall or hire India’s first barbecue bike for a couple of hours with unlimited delicacies.

What all does the spooky experience involve? How long, how scary and what happens?
In Delhi, it involves experiences with K2 Meter, Ghost Meter, Laser Gride, EVP Recorder, Ghost Box, Night Vision Camcorders and Motion Sensors.

What are the other ideas that customers love?
Some of our best-sellers are: Book an entire island for just the both of you in Kerala for a weekend; you can get 10 random strangers to call and wish your loved one throughout the day; you can propose to someone under water during a scuba diving expedition, you can charter a private jet to Goa and back, etc.

When does one have to book? How much does it cost?
While our gifts begin at `300, our experiences begin at `990 and can go up to `10 lakh.

Are the birthday boys and girls along with their guests expected to turn up in a certain costume to fit the mood?
Not necessarily, but some do walk the extra mile to create the spirit. One person, for instance, dressed as Michael Jackson because he wanted to dance to the song Thriller inside the scary house for his girlfriend.

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