Hunter saves life of Deer


An Ohio hunter who found a deer with its antler lodged in a tree used a chainsaw to free the trapped buck.

A video recorded Nov. 2 shows the man using a chainsaw at night to cut away parts of a tree in Corning to free a buck with its antler stuck between the branches.

The buck is able to run away without any signs of injury.

“I had been bow hunting that night,” the filmer wrote.

“As I was walking in from my stand and jumped a bunch of deer. I kept seeing a white tail fly up and a bunch of frantic moving. I walked up with my camera light on and bow ready. Once I saw that he was lodged on the tree I put my bow down and tried to free him myself with no luck.

So I walked out to my parents house where my Dad had just gotten in from hunting. He asked if I had gotten a deer, I said no, but I need help getting a deer out of a tree. Of course he was confused by the statement, so I explained myself.

We tried to free him without the chainsaw first but no luck. He was fighting us. Then the video comes into play! One of the coolest and crazy ends to a hunt I have ever had.”