Life after death: ‘Everyone became panicked’ THIS is what it feels like to die


PEOPLE who have come back from the dead have been sharing their experiences online as they reveal what it feels like to die.


THIS is what it feels like to die

Reddit users have taken to the social news aggregator site with some claiming their world “became soft and foggy”.For some people, death is not the end. Thanks to medical advancements, doctors are now able to bring some patients back from the dead after their heart has stopped beating and brain activity has also ceased.There are a few who have been resuscitated and live to tell the tale, and some of them have gone to Reddit to share their experience.

One person on the site said they were getting an angiogram – a procedure which sees doctors inject a special dye into the blood so they can x-ray blood flow and arteries – but during the procedure their heart stopped.

Horsecaulking wrote: “Alarms started to go off and everyone became panicked. My world became soft and foggy and everything faded to black.

“Next thing I remember was opening my eyes and hearing a doctor say ‘we got him back’. It was really a peaceful feeling more than anything.”

Another user, TheWiebat, lost their life for a matter of minutes after overdosing on a combination of heroin and Xanax.

TheWiebat said: “I remember jolting forward in the ambulance when I was revived, screaming at the EMT’s when they told me I just came back from the dead.“It was like sleeping without any dreams. The thought is terrifying; I hope there is more to our existence once our time on this earth is up, but having experienced such nothingness is truly frightening.“I am by no means religious, but the concept of possibly living such an empty existence makes me want to believe in something.”



Another person also shared their experience of nothingness.

Sarziltron died for a few moments. The Reddit user said: “I remember feeling nothing. I saw nothing. When I say nothing, I don’t mean pitch darkness or neutral emotion.

“It’s just a thing of its own. I wouldn’t know how to name the colour I saw.”