Washington Man: ‘I Have Seen Predator-Like Humanoids’


TULALIP, Wash. — A man replying to last week’s report says that “predator-like” creatures are also showing up in a small Washington town.


47-year-old Gerald Phair says he first saw the “invisible” beings back in September.

“They are in my backyard sometimes,” the Tulalip resident told Cryptozoology News. “I watch them for hours. I think they know I am watching them and they mess with me later at night.”

The commercial fisherman adds that the most remarkable sighting occurred one day while his girlfriend was taking a shower inside.

“I went to the backyard to pee, my girlfriend was showering, and I caught one of them looking towards her. I spot lighted him in the face.”

He says he called the police but that by the time they arrived, the unidentified creatures were gone.

“I almost wound up in mental hospital. They made me question my sanity. Nobody believed me.”

Phair claims that the trail cameras around his property are unable to capture the entities.

“They just disappear before I can get one. They have a human shape. At first, I thought they were people in camouflage. It is really predator-looking military style,” he said about the humanoids.

The Washingtonian also says that these beings are now “building fortresses” in the trees.

“It’s been three months now. One day I counted over 30 of them,” he said.

Tulalip, a former census-designated place in Snohomish County, is the largest community of the Tulalip tribes of Washington and has a population of 2,000.

Last week, a Pennsylvania woman claimed to have seen a similar creature and asked for readers to come forward to tell their stories.

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