Mystery still surrounds UFO over Oregon

Could the object have been a black project ? Image Credit: US Air Force / Kevin Robertson

Back in October, aviation authorities investigated an unidentified aircraft flying over the West Coast.

Reports state that on the afternoon of October 25th, airline pilots between Portland and Seattle were contacted by air traffic controllers to ask if they could help identify a mysterious object in the area.

The UFO, which failed to respond to radio communications, was missing a traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS) transponder and, even stranger still, did not show up on radar at all.

It was described as being white in color and was spotted at an altitude of around 40,000 feet. Several pilots reported seeing it, however none were close enough to be able to identify what it was.

In the end, Oregon Air National Guard F-15 fighters were sent up to intercept the object, however despite a thorough search of the area they failed to find any sign of it.

Could some sort of classified aircraft or military drone account for the sightings that day ?

As things stand, the origin and nature of the object continue to remain a total mystery.


Source: Popular Mechanics

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