Scam Alert! Read and please #Share


There’s been lots of information about scams with Paranormal Events as of late.
From what I see, Some of it’s correct, Some of it isn’t.
I felt the need to post information for everyone in hopes they can protect themselves.

I never thought I would have to write up something on this person, But it appears I do!
Please understand any spelling errors, etc are due to this being emotionally hard for me to write up.
This person was like family to many of us out there!


If anyone purchased tickets for a Future event from
“Ideal Events Management Or Marc Tetlow”
Please know that they’ve taken your money and gone into hiding.

Ideal Events and Marc Tetlow have taken 10’s of Thousands from Fans, Celebs, Venues and more.

“Ideal Events and Marc Tetlow” have
#1 Cashed Checks intended as payment for Numerous others
#2 Cashed Checks that were intended for Travel reimbursement for others.
#3 Taken payments for numerous Events they are not even holding.
#4 Taken payments for Celebrity Appearances even after Celebrities informed them they could not make the appearance, And kept the Money!
This list could go on and on.

“Marc Tetlow and Ideal Events Management” have left many, and I do mean MANY of my Friends, Celebs from more than 8 different Television shows and Countless Venues All in their wake of deceit.


They’ve taken Money from Locations they promised to do Events at, From Theaters and Haunted locations that were relying on the funds to help keep their doors open.

They’ve also sold tickets to endless amounts of Fans for Events they’re not doing.

I want to also clear up a bit of confusion that is out there over the last few days.

‘Brite Star Promotions’ is owned by John Brightman.
John Brightman has actually been helping Steve, Dave and others get help for fans and numerous locations that
“Ideal Events and Marc Tetlow” took money from.

His name has somehow mistakenly come up in connection with “Marc Tetlow and Ideal Events”
John Brightman has NO association with “Ideal Events and Marc Tetlow”.

John’s even gone as far as having many of the people that “Marc Tetlow and Ideal Events” took advantage of attend his Events at no extra cost.
Kudo’s to you John and to Brite Star Promotions

As for “Ideal Events Management”.  That’s a whole other story!
It was owned solely by “Marc and Rae Tetlow”

Their LLC was terminated by the State of Vermont years ago as you can see below.
But that was kept a secret from Venues, Ticket purchasers and Personalities they brought in.

Strangely, right after many of us did the ‘Shooting Star Casino’s 7th Annual Paracon’
Marc and Rae closed down all their sites, Turned off all their Phones, Blocked everyone they owed money to on any Social Media accounts they still had, Up and left their residence in Lady Lake Florida and went into hiding.

They’ve taken 10’s of Thousands from Ticket purchasers, Locations, Venues, Casino’s and Celebrities.

As of me writing this, I and numerous others have found over $70,000 they have taken from Celebs, Venues and Ticket purchasers this year alone!

Again, If any of you have purchased tickets to any upcoming “Ideal Event” held by “Marc or Rae Tetlow”, Chances are that you have been ripped off!

Contact Credit card company, Bank, PayPal, Etc. Even try to file charges!

Numerous Celebrities and Venues are looking into filing Criminal & Fraud charges

I’ve become good friends with Brad and Barry Klinge since this started
So there has been a positive side.

You may remember these two from Discovery Channel’s “Ghost Lab”

Brothers Brad (right) and Barry Klinge,

These are two of many out that have fallen victim to
“Ideal Event Management and Marc Tetlow’s scheme”

Below is an article they posted on their site about this.

Beware of Marc Tetlow and Ideal Event Management “The Klinge Brothers”

I am usually a very colorful writer, but today I can do nothing but cut to the chase. If any of you have dealings with Marc Tetlow of Ideal Event Management, you need to cut ties immediately before that thieving shyster cons you too. And let’s set the record straight right now…. there are no two sides of this story. He has stolen from almost every paranormal person you can think of by not paying them for event appearances, lying about contracts, and owing venues money for past rentals and fees. As we speak, we are employing a team of attorneys. We know we probably won’t be able to retrieve any money that he owes everyone, but we can do everything in our power to make sure this cancer is removed from this field and is held accountable for his unbelievable actions. We want to make sure Ideal Event Management and anyone associated with it who knowingly collaborated with Tetlow are crushed into oblivion. Let me give you a little more context.


About a month ago, Barry and I attended the 7th Annual Paracon at the Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen, MN. Tetlow was hired by the casino to bring in all the “talent” which included me and Barry and a whole host of others whom are very well known. Everyone was told a different story about their contracts. In our case, Tetlow told us months before the event that the casino was giving us a lump sum appearance fee, but we had to buy our own airline tickets out of it (basically they were putting the amount of the tickets into the fee). Ok fine. Then he came back and said later the casino thought we had a TV show coming out, but since it didn’t, they wanted to pay us less. Uh…ok….what TV show? We thought maybe they were talking about GL Revolution (which is a web series), but this was before October when we had planned on it coming out before it got delayed…so what he said made zero sense. Fine. Barry and I wanted to do the event, so we agreed. The event itself was GREAT! The casino gave us the rooms and all food and beverage free. They sold tickets to well over 1000 people and every single one of them came to our table at some point and filled the auditorium. Tetlow told us the last night of the event that he got a check from the casino, and once it clears he would pay us our appearance fee minus his 10% of course. That was our first red flag. Did they write a check in 1985? Checks pretty much clear instantly these days, but we could wait a couple days…so whatever. Monday next week rolls by…then Tuesday…then Wednesday. Barry is in constant communication with him. We get every excuse under the sun that his PayPal is locked up because of a bank account switch and it’s going to take a couple of days, then the bank had a problem, then he couldn’t get the check in the mail on time…blah blah blah BS. It had been over two weeks now, and after having all the patience in the world, we said go to the bank, get a check, and overnight it…. NOW! He said ok, he did that and it should be there in two days because he missed the cut-off time (whatever). Two days came and went, no check, and he had the nerve to tell Barry..”What?! I paid $35 to have it sent. It’s in an envelope yay big” blah blah blah BS. (The nerve of this ass clown to go into detailed description of an envelope he knew he never sent.) But the story goes further. Barry asks for a tracking number. He says let me pull my car over and give it to you. That’s the last we heard from him. Now this entire time Barry has been talking with the other talent at the event realizing that he is giving all of them the same run around. Come to find out also after asking around that NO ONE got paid for that event except two guys another agent had there. I guess he knew of the issues with Tetlow ahead of time and called his wife (not ex-wife as he told many people) and business partner that she better pay his clients. Well, he got lucky and she drained the last of their account to pay them (with a personal, temporary check no doubt.)

Now let’s go back and analyze a few points. First, the scope of the missed payments is mind boggling. Not only did he not pay most of the people at the Shooting Star Event, he owed many of them for prior events. Lots of prior events. In the amounts of TENS of thousands of dollars. We found out from the guy who used to work Ideal events that Tetlow still owes them money from previous events. We have come to find out that Tetlow owes money to many venues….one being the St. Augustine Lighthouse whom Tetlow owes thousands too. Barry talked to them personally. Everything stated here is 100% fact otherwise we would not be saying it. There is a venue that Barry and I was supposed to do in another Florida location in January that Tetlow contacted on our behalf. He would not give us the contact info and we never saw the contract he negotiated. Barry finally got a hold of them today and Tetlow already took thousands of dollars from them for this event we know very little about, and now he is nowhere to be found. The venue even said Tetlow talked to them all the time but as soon as they paid him, he dropped off the face of the earth.

So back to the Shooting Star event. Tetlow took a deposit of tens of thousands of dollars from the casino, but since a couple of the main headliners canceled for one reason or another, they cut him a remainder check less the deposit for people canceling. Where did the deposit go? Where did the remainder payment check go? None of us have seen a dime. So we got a hold of a copy of the contract. Nowhere does it say anything about airline tickets or TV shows not happening. It has a list of the talent and says the casino will give Ideal X dollars and he will secure the talent. So not only was he lying about what the casino said so he could negotiate a shitload of money and only pay out a little, but he took it all and ran. There was no individual contract for anyone. He was literally handed a check and had ZERO money out of his pocket and ZERO risk of losing any money. It was the perfect scheme. Again, these are all facts. The two good things that came of this is that a fraud was finally and officially exposed, and Barry and I made a lot of friends with many of our paranormal colleagues that we have yet to meet or work with. Out of a scheming fraud, the paranormal field was brought closer together.

For us personally, this wasn’t a lot of money. We basically recouped the airline ticket money we lost with the merchandise we sold, so it was a break-even situation for us, but this is principle. Every dime we do make goes back into our filming and other expenses we incur with Everyday Paranormal, but many others do this for a living. Here is the bad news…if you have a ticket to a future Tetlow/Ideal event, chances are it probably won’t happen. He owes too many people too much money. If the event does happen and you are the talent hired for the event, chances are you will never see the money. Therefore, I have taken the time to type this long email to warn all our paranormal friends of the wolf in the hen house. He is still on the run, but karma is quickly closing in. Take this note. Spread it to the world. Talk about it on blog sites. Make it the topic of your radio shows. If you own venues, never deal with this guy. Make sure Marc Tetlow never has a chance to screw people again

Klinge Brothers

We can all only hope they get what they legally deserve. They’ve earned it!