Liquid Nitrogen Experiment Almost Goes Wrong On Live TV


An Australian TV host came within inches of serious injury ― or worse ― when a science experiment went badly wrong during a live segment.

Science teacher-YouTuber Jacob Strickling was guest on the show “Studio 10” earlier this week, where he mixed liquid nitrogen into cola bottles, causing them to blast off like miniature rockets when he turned them upside dow



“I’ve done it twice ― you should’ve been watching,” Strickling said.

“I wasn’t watching,” Belling replied.

That’s when the segment almost took a tragic turn. Belling turned the bottle to the side instead of upside down, and it shot right toward her face.

Watch how close it came:

The bottle flew skyward with enough force to shave a branch off a nearby tree:

“I can’t hear out of my right ear,” Belling said afterward. Then, she asked the guest: “What were your insurance details?”


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