Former Teacher Recalls the Belvedere Orphanage Poltergeist


Belvedere Orphanage in east end St. John’s is now in the final stages of demolition, after years of abandonment and an extensive fire back in April.

Like many in the metro region, Interim NDP Leader Lorraine Michael has a personal connection to the historic property. Michael says while working there years ago as Principal when it briefly functioned as a school in the 1970’s, rumours swirled about a ghost haunting the old building. She recalled some of the folklore surrounding the building, which dates back to the 1800’s.

Michael says school staff invited a representative from Memorial University to over-night at the school and investigate the paranormal occurrences.

She says they deemed the ghost to be a poltergeist.

She admits that while she isn’t one to believe in ghosts, she heard the strange unexplained noises. She says she got an email from a former Belvedere colleague who joked, “I guess the ghost is gone now”.

Michael says it’s a shame to see the former site of the Belvedere Orphanage reduced to rubble.

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