Experts reveal if 2018 is the year of ALIEN discovery


It has been a fascinating year in the search for alien life.We have seen objects appear close to the International Space Station, UFOs stalking planes in Merseyside and groundbreaking NASA discoveries.

So, with many believing 2018 could be a breakthrough year, Daily Star Online has sat down with two world-leading experts to hear their thoughts.



UFOs: Will we see alien life in 2018?
Nick Pope is a former Ministry of Defence employee best known for the role he undertook in investigating UFO sightings for the British Government.In an exclusive chat, Nick revealed what he thought of a clip – shown above – allegedly showing a UFO.

Observers believe the footage shows a US spy plane encountering a 130ft flying object with 20 flashing lights near Cyprus.

And Nick claims it may be genuine, admitting: “This is an absolutely fascinating video.

“This is a case from the MoD’s UFO files. Not only did I work on these real life X-Files, but I’ve been the public face of a ten-year project to declassify and release most of this material.

“The investigation into this incident was undertaken by my predecessors, but I’m aware of the case. It was a genuine unknown.

“Incidents like this, where there were multiple military witnesses and highly classified investigations show that whatever the truth about UFOs, the mystery raises important defence, national security and air safety issues.

“It’s a perfect illustration of how the media and the public were misled.”

Despite hope it could change in the year to come, there has been a lot of concern among the UFO community as to whether NASA is hiding evidence of extraterrestrial life from the public.The video below is just one of many from this year that space boffins claim are attempted cover-ups.

Nick believes these kind of clips have a lot of contributing factors as to whether they are UFOs, but also believes NASA has no reason to hide anything.

He said: “It’s notoriously difficult to judge the size, distance and speed of an object in space.

“I think UFO hunters misunderstand agencies such as NASA and ESA. Far from being the sort of organisations that would cover up evidence of an extraterrestrial presence, they’d shout it from the rooftops.

“These people want to find aliens, not hide evidence of them.”

Partly agreeing with Nick, Philip Mantle believes that with the technology available these days, we should be doing a better job at capturing UFOs.Mantle, a highly regarded and active British researcher of UFOs, said: “The question is why, despite the millions of cameras that are available do we still have poor quality film and photos of alleged UFOs?

“The fact is that the percentage of UFO reports that remain unidentified is well under 1%.

“In short, genuine UFO sightings are extremely rare, therefore the chances of actually capturing one of film is almost, but not quite, impossible.”

The video below – that appears to show a mysterious green orb floating above a mountain – is an example of UFO footage captured poorly, Philip believes.

He added: “In our modern society today there are CCTV cameras everywhere and countless millions of mobile phones that have as a built in feature the ability to to take still photos and videos.“But when it comes to UFO video footage the results, and let’s be honest, are poorer than ever.”

Nick agrees that while there have been an increase in the number of sightings, many of them are in fact, far from UFOs.

He said: “Firstly, there’s a lot of hoaxing in this subject. However, even where we can be sure the images are genuine, they’re often indistinct, and ambiguous.

“In most cases these are misidentifications of aircraft, drones, satellites, meteors, fireballs, stars and planets, Chinese lanterns, weather balloons and all sorts of other other objects and phenomena.

“In other cases, they’re the result of lens flare, other reflections, dust or dirt on the lens, or a technical problem with the camera.”

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