Paranormal weekends kick off at The Haunted Crescent Hotel in Arkansas


EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark. – The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs is filled with ghosts from decades past.

Keith Scales, the tour director for the hotel, said, “They go back as far as when the building was first erected, which is in 1886. The first death we had here was of a stone mason who fell to his death. And that may be why the place is so haunted because it happened during the construction of the building.”



It gives the Crescent Hotel its reputation: the most haunted hotel in America.

The hotel hosts its paranormal weekend for the first two weekends of the year.

This year, they are trying to answer the question:

“Why is it that some people seem to be susceptible to extrasensory perception?” Scales said. “Some people can read minds, or see the future, or find lost items, or see ghosts. And some people are not.”

Ghost tours give people an idea of who has died on the property.

“It hasn’t always been a hotel. It’s also been a college and a hospital,” Scale said. “And some of the individuals who’ve been through here have been extremely interesting individuals who have lived great lives, and I love to tell their stories.”

Intrigue theater puts on a show that will both haunt and entertain you. And ghost hunters are free to search for specters in the hallways and rooms of the hotel.

“It’s not like your regular hotel, the Holiday Inn or something,” Scales said. “It’s a unique experience in a very unique place. Right here in the Ozarks.”

Some people check out of the Crescent, but they never leave.

Tickets are still available for purchase at

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