Medicine-Man in Kenya claims he caught a strange Creature under a Bridge

Medicine-man displays strange creature he retrieved from Kamukuywa Bridge

A Witchdoctor claims to have retrieved a strange Creatures from the Kamukuywa Bridge where at least 12 family members died in an accident.
The medicine man said the creature was the cause of the accidents on the notorious bridge.
He conducted prayers at the Kamukuywa market, a few kilometres from the blackspot.
Hundreds of residents flocked the market to witness the alleged cause of the accidents.



Hundreds of residents of Kamukuywa area in Bungoma county were on Wednesday, January 10, left stunned when a medicine-man retrieved from the notorious Kamukuywa Bridge.
The strange objects which he said ‘was the cause of many accidents on the area’.

The medicine-man also conducted prayers to cleanse the blacks-pot that recently claimed lives of 12 members of a family. Medicine-man displays strange creature he retrieved from Kamukuywa Bridge.


We at ‘Beyond Reality News’ are not accepting this story as 100%accurate.
We are only reporting what has been claimed in Kenya village.
These pictures do not show any detail of the ‘Claimed Creature’.

Medicine-man displays strange creature he retrieved from Kamukuywa Bridge

According to the man, there are holes dug under the bridge where the strange creatures was buried. He said the creatures has been the reason there have been persistent accidents on the Kamukuywa bridge.

Some other objects allegedly pulled out of the bridge were carcasses of animals such as cows and sheep. 

Residents watch as strange creature is displayed at Kamukuywa market Photo: Facebook/Bungoma

As reported by, 12 members of a family perished in a grisly road accident on the bridge when a vehicle they were travelling in rammed into a stalled tractor. A man identified as Wycliffe Kegode said he lost his wife, brother, sisters and two children in the carnage.