Slender Man myth comes to life in 2018 Major Motion Picture. Here’s the Trailer!


Slender Man is said to be a well dressed strange Human like creature. The Problem with this?
To start, He’s not real. Slender Man came to life in 2009 from a Creepypasta Photoshop contest in 2009.

A Man by the name of Eric Knudsen posted two photoshopped images on a forum that showed a freakishly tall Human’ish Male in a suit type outfit.
Others then ran with the images and started creating a story around this terrifying creation.

Since then Slender Man has inspired Meme’s, Video Games, and sadly an attempted Murder.


Now, Slender Man has his own big Hollywood movie from director Sylvain White. And the first Slender Man trailer (premiered by the folks at IGN) is ready to give you nightmares.

Now this Nightmarish Internet creation is getting a Major Movie.

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