Whats happening with Ghost Hunters?


Every time I run into fans I am asked,

‘What happened to Ghost Hunters?’ 

‘Whats happening with Ghost Hunters, Is it coming back?’

I figured I would write something up for you all to answers all these questions.

Lets start with,

‘What happened to Ghost Hunters?’

When we were first approached to do TV we turned down many offers. We didn’t see ourselves on TV and didn’t really think the show would be received well or that People would find what we did interesting.




After meeting with numerous Production Companies, We finally met up with an up and coming Production Companies
CEO ‘Craig Paligian’.

Craig started Pilgrim Films.
When we met Craig he only had created a couple shows.
These days tho, if you watch any TV, Chances are  you’ve seen some of Craigs shows!

Craig talked to us about what we did and how we did it. He was truly interested.
He didn’t talk to us on how ‘He’ envisioned what we did.
Grant and I spoke with Craig at length about our concerns.
How would what we did be viewed?
What would people think of us?
Would we come of as crazy?
Would what we did be changed in any way?

Craig made a statement to us that he stayed true to for all 12 years.
’I won’t step on your toes, Get in your way or stop you from running your crew the way you want.
I just want to roll Cameras during your investigations and see how it goes.
If you guys don’t do it, Someone else will and how will they portray the Field that you all love so much?’

That sold it to us. We would be allowed to ‘Keep it real and stay ourselves!’
We agreed to do a Season and see how it turned out.

To our amazement, The show skyrocketed in ratings and took off in ways we never thought possible.

We would show up to Conventions and have 5k to 10k people there to see us, Meet us and hear us talk about the Paranormal field. The most amazing thing I remember was doing a fund raiser for Papers in Education at a Mall in Springfield Massachusetts. We had so many people show up that the Fire Marshal had to shut the Mall down. Thats right, We over filled a Mall! How amazing a feeling that was. We met people from all walks of life that were interested in the topic. From Movie Stars, TV Stars, Rock and Roll Legends, Scientists, Politicians, FBI, Secret Service, Law Enforcement, Blue Collar workers, Stay at Home Moms and endless more great people.

We had our opposition as well, But the Fans far outweighed them.
Before we knew it, We were 6 Seasons into a show we had only planned to do for 1 or 2 Seasons.
Time away from Home was getting hard. Our Kids growing up while their Dads, Etc were living in Hotels for 2-4 Days a Week.

By the 6th Season Grant, Steve and I talked numerous times about wrapping the show.
Our biggest hangup was that We didn’t want to stop the momentum of what We had started.
The Paranormal was finally being looked at and talked about in a positive light.

So we agreed to go for a few more seasons.

By Season 8, Grant was burnt out.

We were home a lot more then we had been the Years prior, But being on Planes 3 to 4 times a Week, Missing flights, Sleeping in Airports and so forth was getting real old.

So Grant left the show. I had planned on leaving as well, But if We both left the show would have been cancelled. So I stayed on with Steve.

Most people didn’t know that Steve had actually been with me for Years prior to Grant. Losing Grant was hard for me, But I totally understood. Grant also understood that I was staying so the show could continue.

Now, I won’t lie. It wasn’t all great times. Thru out our 12 Year run, Craig Paligian and I had it out numerous times. I’ve never fought so hard with anyone.

We screamed at each other. Called each other some hurtful things and much more.

Over the years I went from liking Craig, To hating Craig and then somehow back to liking Craig again.lol

I have to admit, I learned to respect that ‘Son of a —! He stayed true to what he said to us. To him I owe a huge Thank you!

He is truly one of the best out there.

When we agreed to do Ghost Hunters We assumed it would only last a season or two.
Amazingly it took off and brought Syfy channel into the top 10 watched Cable channels on Wednesday nights. We had no idea that the show would have been received so well and become a Family show as it did.

Craig Paligian, Allan David, Rob Katz, Mike Nichols and many more from Pilgrim Films did an incredible job. They stayed out of our way and let us stay true to ourselves.

The show lasted 12 years, Aired in 150+ Countries and created endless spinoffs, Knock offs and more.

When we got to the end of our 12th season, We felt it time to move on from Syfy channel.
Syfy was splitting up our seasons. Airing 4 Episodes here, 4 Episodes there, and so forth.

‘Ghost Hunters’ was considered a ‘Tent Pole show’.
What this means in ‘HollyWood’ is,
Our Ratings were so high that Syfy thought to put ‘A few of our New shows airing prior to a New show they were trying to kick off’ in hopes that ‘Ghost Hunters’ viewers would stick around to watch their New show.

The Fans found it hard to get any answers on when the show was airing, Why the seasons were so short and when the Seasons would start.
They would send emails to Syfy asking for answers and never get any response.

We felt that the lack of communication, Respect and support was to much to handle. Since Pilgrim and TAPS owned ‘Ghost Hunters’, We decided we didn’t want to go any further with Syfy and stopped doing the show for their Network.

‘Whats happening with Ghost Hunters, Is it coming back?’ 

As of right now, Craig Paligian and Pilgrim Films & Television are talking with numerous Networks about the future of ‘Ghost Hunters’.

There have been offers, But we want it to be done right. We want to keep it real. To be honest, We want to make it fresh again.

So many other shows have come and gone, Copying our format.

It’s been done endless times. If we are going to do it, We want to change it up and make it different from the endless copies that have come and many gone, since we started in 2004.

These things are usually big legal deals and take serious time.

I can say there is a lot of big things in the works. TV, Motion pictures, Radio and more.

So we are enjoying some down time for now and will be doing some great stuff if the near future.

Hopefully this clear the air on where we stand and what happened to the show. You all are the reason it was such a huge success. You deserve respect, Honesty and to be filled in on your questions.

We won’t let that lack of communication and respect happen again.