Are these signs genius or just plain Human stupidity?


Sometimes people really don’t think much when putting up signs. Sometimes they don’t think at all.
Here’s a bunch of signs that will make you question peoples intelligence or wonder if they are geniuses.


Not sure what kind of Movie is playing here, But it’s gonna be interesting!

How is this even possible? Hopefully it was with His consent.



This Creepy ad really makes you wonder who would answer the phone.

You could always make it easier on yourself and just buy a Bed and get a free 1 Night Stand like shown below.
We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried!

Subway, Subway, Subway. Get 1 Free Napkin with every purchase!

It’s sad, But even with all the Bad Publicity that Jared created for this chain, This was truly the best idea Subway could think up to help fix their reputation.

Far from one of our first choices of places to go and grab Dinner.


Speaking English may be their language, But writing it is a total other situation.


We have read the Bible and We’re not really sure that Jesus said that.


But it may be a better way to spend your time instead.


Well at least they are willing to help!

Hair can sometimes grow in the weirdest places. At least these people are willing to help with the hard to reach areas.

That f—- Chinese restaurant?


Your one stop shop to make sure you drop


Hope you enjoyed.