Legend Says This Place Was Built To Keep Something Terrifying From Getting Out


Before it was ever built, the spot where Houska sits was the focus of attention for many. It is said that there was a large hole, where the castle stands today. This hole was so deep that most believed it was a literal bottomless pit. Strange things happened around this mysterious hole, with nearby villagers reporting black winged creatures flying near it and half human, half animal beings crawling from it.



It didn’t take long for people to start believing that the pit was a Gate to Hell itself. It is believed that Houska Castle was intentionally built over this pit, in an attempt to seal this gate and contain the evil within.

Before it’s construction, locals were too frightened to be lowered into the bottomless pit. However it didn’t take long for them to find a solution. Jailed men who were set to be executed were offered a death pardon, if they would allow themselves to be lowered into the hole and report their findings. Simple enough. Seemed like an easy way out of punishment for some prisoners. Unfortunately, after the first prisoner was lowered, this test came to an end.

After being lowered deep into the pit, the prisoner began to scream uncontrollably and begged to be pulled back up. After being pulled up, the prisoner’s hair had allegedly turned white and he appeared to have aged many years, during the few moments spent inside the hole.  The prisoner was so disturbed by what he had experienced that he went insane. Those few moments in the hole seemed to have claimed his mind. He was committed to a mental institution and died of unknown causes two days later.

More tales of experimentation came later when the castle was rumored to be used by Nazis for various experiments. Some even claim that one if the experiments involved gateways to other dimensions. It may sound far fetched, but if you wanted to conduct such experiments, what better place than on top of the gates to hell? Three bodies of Nazi soldiers were eventually unearthed at Houska. Their cause of death unknown. Could they have been a victim of these strange experiments?

So is Houska Castle serving as a barrier between two worlds, Is it truly a gateway to Hell?

Video Source: Is This Paranormal

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