Possible Paranormal activity caught on camera as something sweeps through living room


Is this just a reflection?

In the clip, captured late in the evening on February 6, we see a white figure moving towards a baby’s cot.The bizarre phenomenon then appears to turn away and takes off in a completely different direction.

It then seems to make its way to the kitchen area, before completely disappearing from the screen.
GHOST? The woman believes to have captured an entity in her home

The video was uploaded to YouTube channel ghost finder on February 15, but has gained popularity after being shared on popular website Disclose.tv today.The description of the footage says: “I have had a lot of paranormal activity in my home — so I got a surveillance system for indoor and out.”“This is what I got in the first 3 weeks.”It is unclear where the clip was captured.

But this is not the first video we’ve seen from this same house.Last week, similar footage emerged from the same room, showing what the channel claimed to be a ghost haunting their family home, as her daughter was in the same room.And days before that, disturbing footage appeared to capture a spirit picking up a phone and dropping it.

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