Vietnamese Singer arrested over Woman’s death during ‘Exorcism’ ritual

Cuong allegedly shoved garlic cloves into the woman's mouth until she died from suffocation. (Photo: Facebook/Chau Viet Cuong)

HANOI: A Vietnamese pop singer was arrested on Tuesday (Mar 6) after he allegedly killed a woman in an “exorcism” ritual while under the influence of drugs.

Nguyen Viet Cuong, popularly known as Chau Viet Cuong, shoved garlic cloves into the woman’s mouth until she died from suffocation, reported local daily Tuoi Tre News.

The 40-year-old singer met the woman at a house party in Ba Dinh District on Monday where, together with other friends, they consumed narcotics over the night.




According to the report, Cuong started having hallucinations at around 8am and was convinced that the woman was possessed by an evil spirit.

After buying a large amount of fresh garlic, both Cuong and the woman scattered garlic around the house and started putting the cloves into their mouths.

Cuong then held the woman down and shoved one garlic clove after another down her throat until she died from suffocation, said the report.


According to police, their friends tried to intervene but had been incapacitated by the influence of drugs.

An autopsy found a total of 33 garlic cloves stuck in the woman’s windpipe, concluding that her death was caused by congestion in the respiratory tract.

Cuong is in detention for a further probe into the victim’s death and his drug abuse, reported Tuoi Tre News.