Self Proclaimed “Time Traveler” meets his Self Proclaimed “Future Self”


We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.
We’ve posted stories about Noah in the past.

Noah claims to be from the year 2030.
He even took part in a Lie Detector and passed, Tho that has been questioned by some “Self Proclaimed ‘Time-traveller’ claiming to be from 2030 PASSED lie detector test”

Some of his claims about the future include:

  • AI will become extremely advanced but will choose to co-exist with humans
  • Trump will be re-elected in 2020
  • The President of the United States in 2030 will be someone called Ilana Remikee
  • Global warming will cause temperatures in the US to increase and in Europe to decrease
  • Humans will reach Mars (and invent time travel) by the year 2028

ApexTV was recently contacted by a man claiming to be Noah from the year 2070 and says he has proof.
So, Just to explain it a bit more and to keep your head from exploding,
In this video “Future Noah” from 2030 is supposedly meeting “Future Noah” from 2070.

ApexTV organized a meeting with both of them so they could tell their stories.
If their claims are genuine, this is an actual meeting between Noah and his future self.

Now We at “Beyond Reality News” are not claiming this is real or not. We are just sharing this story because, Well we are just as confused as you are when we read it.

What are your thoughts?