Live News Broadcast Shows Cluster Of UFO’s


A live news broadcast in the United States has become a controversial one after a cluster of UFOs were spotted, which has let some alien enthusiasts believe aliens have arrived on Earth.

Many viewers, who tuned in at 4:43 am, on Fox 6 News noticed a bizarre astronomical display on February 28. They were treated with the appearance of series of bright lights dashing around a live feed of Milwaukee.



At least ten bright dots were moving in the distance, glowing, and then disappearing before shining a light again.

The viewers were not the only one who got surprised as even the man, and woman presenters of the show appeared to be equally surprised of the strange activity.

The female broadcaster initially thought of fireworks but later confirmed they were not. She then asked if those were aliens.

The male counterpart said that he also saw the strange activity and added that it kept getting weirder by the second. He explained that it looked like they were sticking around.

Authorities later claimed that seagulls were responsible for the mysterious darting formation of lights. They explained that they were just seagulls reflecting light.

However, many viewers of the video were not buying that excuse. In a video uploaded to YouTube channel Suspect Sky, one viewer said that they watched it 500 times and those were not seagulls.

Another user said that tiny seagulls at that distance could only be seen with binoculars and even then it would be challenging with the limited light.


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