Possible Ghost caught by dash cam


FOOTAGE which appears to show a “ghostly apparition” on a motorway’s central reservation is going viral online. The video, caught by a driver’s dashcam, shows a figure appear as the vehicle passes.


The video is then slowed down in a bid to reveal what the driver may have spotted.

It has been suggested it shows a ghostly apparition of a man wearing pale trousers and a dark top as he floats about 2ft above the ground.

The video was captured as the driver was on Upper Bukit Timah Road in central Singapore at night, Dailystar.co.uk reports.

There has been online speculation it could be the ghost of a hitchhiker or road crash victim.

Skeptics said it could just be someone climbing over the central barrier of the motorway, who was caught out of focus by the camera, appearing blurred.

There were no reports of accidents or disturbances in the area that night.

The southeast Asian country is well-known for ghost stories.

Journalist Tan Lili previously visited six Singapore roads said to be haunted to discover the stories.

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Source: Express