12 Business Signs that are mind-blowing bad


This day and age signs are everywhere. Cluttering every main Road we drive down. So what is a Person to do to make their Sign stand out more that the others?

Sometimes it’s as simple and letting a Bulb blow out
You can also post something that you think will make people laugh
Or something so stupid that everyone can’t help but wonder how someone like that could hold a Job let alone ‘Run a Business’!


Did you realize that had used a Chinese accent in your head while reading this sign?






You should never put these two things together in the same sentence



Anyone want a Hot Organ?


I always wondered where Santas little guys stayed during off season.



We all know how expensive Straws can be. So this is a great offer!



Why go to Dynasty Buffet when you can go to Nasty Buffet.



Must have been a slow day for this person



Times must be tough in Bikini Bottom for SpongeBob to hire for BK.



The fact the same Company does both should be enough of a turnoff



Weren’t aware we could rent these now



Lenny, Come on Lenny, We’re counting on you here!


Name says it all.


Hope you enjoyed. #Share