Anthropology Expert Claims UFOs are Time Machines Of Our Distant Descendants


Most people think UFOs visit Earth from
other planets way too far than we could imagine. However, a professor at
Montana Tech believes otherwise.

Michael P. Masters says UFOs are much
closer to home. He explains the phenomenon may be our race coming from the
future and traveling through time to study their evolutionary past.

Masters reveals this theory in his newly
released book “Identified Flying Objects.” Masters says he uses the science of his explanation about the reason
people who report close encounters with aliens always describe these ETs the same way.

Masters states the alleged aliens are reported as having five fingers on each
hand and foot, bi-lateral symmetry with two eyes,
a mouth, a nose, as being bipedal, upright-walking and they can communicate
with us using our languages.

Masters, who has a doctorate in anthropology from Ohio State University,
understands this study may be called fringe science.  However, in the book, he defends the

Maters stresses he stands by the product
and happy to talk about it with anyone. He explains the study is written for his
academic peers much as it is for anyone in the UFO community.

Most people make flippant comments about
little green men to show they don’t take it seriously, but the American Defense Department spent $22 million investigating
the UFO phenomenon. Dr. Masters believes it is the right time scientists take a serious approach to the study of the phenomenon.

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