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SA’s award-winning historian and paranormal investigator Allen Tiller, originally from Kapunda, will present a talk to the public focused on Barossa’s ghosts.

Mr Tiller, who is also known to Australian paranormal fans and sceptics for his involvement in the television series, Haunting Australia, will draw on Valerie J Laughton’s ‘True Barossa Ghosts’ publication first released in the early 1990s, plus his own in depth research.

He is keen to showcase stories involving towns at Kapunda, Gawler, Tanunda, Nuriootpa, Mount Pleasant, Rosedale and Lyndoch.

A stand out story includes strange encounters at Holland House, Rosedale, which is now known as SARDI Turretfield Research Centre.

“Today there are still reports of filing cabinets and cupboards opening of their own volition, chillingly cold breeze filling rooms on hot days, bookcases have their contents strewn across a room,” he said.

However, the historian shared how the history behind the stories are what greatly fascinates him.

“I only ever experienced my first paranormal encounter when I was about 19 years,” Mr Tiller said.

At the time, he was living with about nine others in a large Gawler home, previously owned by a governor, when and one night he witnessed a man standing in his bedroom.

“I was shaking and ready to defend myself when the man vanished,” he added.

Yet it was while living in Queensland and studying that he joined a ghost tour which left him disappointed with some facts he was told concerning a cemetery.

“Their information was different with the research I had just done,” he said.

Since then Mr Tiller has been more interested in making sure historical details are maintained.

Most of his work with Haunting Australia and the successful ghost tours in Kapunda were performed to provide factual evidence of a building or town’s history before promoting any ghostly inhabitants.

The Barossa History Fair, a free event for the public, falls Saturday, May 4, from midday to 4pm. 

The committee of three members encourage the public to visit the Barossa History Fair Facebook page to be updated with details, including Mr Tiller’s talk and interesting facts.

To host a stall at the fair or become an event sponsor, please contact Chris Murphy via email on [email protected] or 0413 113 089.

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