Lorraine Warren, Clairvoyant Who Inspired The Conjuring, Dies at 92 – The Cut

Lorraine Warren.
Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Lorraine Warren, a renowned paranormal investigator and custodian of what’s arguably the world’s most famous haunted doll, has died at age 92. On Friday, Lorraine’s son-in-law, Tony Spera, posted an announcement to the Facebook page for the New England Society for Psychic Research, which Lorraine and her late husband Ed Warren founded in 1952. “She died peacefully in her sleep at home” on Thursday night, Spera said.

Most readers will likely know Warren’s name from 2013’s The Conjuring, a horror movie that’s based on allegedly real events (and allegedly leaves out some fairly damning information about Ed, who died in 2006). It follows a family who, grappling with demonic possession after moving into a creepy old house, calls in the Warrens to exorcise their home. It also introduces us to Annabelle the haunted doll, the cursed antagonist of her own spinoff franchise, and an actual resident of the Warren Occult Museum at the couple’s Connecticut home.