UFO Fleet Discovered Orbiting the Sun


A UFO fleet has been observed orbiting the
Sun in a recently-resurfaced NASA Helioviewer photo. The extraordinary claims
about the NASA photograph were made by Terry’s Theories YouTube site. The photo
in question bears the timestamp of December 18, 2006. The video says the
anomalies could be either be some form of extreme astrobiology or alien
technology. The space alien enthusiast suggested they could be flying saucers
or even ET entities.

Terry went on to say that space could be
home to living creatures of its own just like we have wild animals here on

He also argued that alien anomalies might
be fewer than first imagined. Terry said that they appear to have six UFOs
surrounding the Sun in the latest image, but there was probably only one or
maybe two. He pointed out the phenomena called ghosting where objects are
moving so fast that they give the appearance of being more.

NASA Helioviewer has enabled astronomers to
look at the Sun through multiple filters since it started operating in May

The Sun is the black circle at the center
of the photo while everything around it is the solar corona.

NASA’s cutting edge photographic technology
allows everyone to observe the solar anomalies in great detail.

Terry added that they had ringed surfaces
and a hole in the center.

He noted that they are very hot being so
close to the Sun, so they must have some feature protecting them from the
extreme heat. He suspected they were refueling.

The by-product of the Sun is helium-3,
which Terry stressed can be converted into a fuel source.

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