Two UFOs Battle at Each Other in Australian Sky, Locals Claim


While many
UFO sightings involve spotting circles and dots in the sky, Australians Rob and
Phil Tindale insist they witnessed a fight and subsequent crash as children.
Although their encounter dates back to 1980, they don’t believe they saw
anything else but aliens.

They firmly
believe they saw two UFOs in the sky outside their Adelaide Hills home nearly
40 years ago, when they were just ten years old. They claimed to have spotted a
bright yellow object and a red light thing.

to the brothers, they spotted the first one over the tree line at the end of
the valley from the ground before the appearance of a red one that tried to
charge at the yellow UFO. Eventually, the yellow craft sped off at extreme
speed to their right and vanished behind the hill. The mysterious red object
had also gone, but they were not sure if it followed the yellow object or
simply left.

They heard
no engine noise in the area that was less populated and sparsely treed.

The pair
woke their parents up, but they did not do anything and sent them back to bed.
However, their grandmother read an article in their local paper titled “Aussie
Sure UFO Damaged Trees,” talking about an alleged spacecraft crashing on the
same night when they witnessed the bizarre aerial battle.

the crash was Daryl Browne, who claimed to have heard a tree creaking and
groaning. He said that he saw an eight-metre yellow aircraft when he approached
the site and called the police. However, the object was gone by the time he and
authorities had got there, leaving no traces but damages.

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