Cigar-Shaped UFO Spotted in Egypt


A UFO has been recorded on video hovering
in the sky over the Egyptian capital of Cairo. The amazing video shows what
appears to be a bright cylindrical object turning and twisting in the overcast
sky. While not moving, the unusual sight seems to scare those people from the

Several individuals can be heard screaming
in the background while some others gasp in shock.

The clip of the UFO sighting was posted on
October 29 to YouTube with the caption “Something weird in the sky.”

The user asked viewers with a logical
interpretation to tell them.

The video was then picked up by popular
conspiracy channel Mavi 777, where dozens wrote their thoughts in the comment

One wrote that he did not understand the
reason people did not go closer upon seeing the objects and check it out.

Another one said that it could be just a

But many others claimed that it was
definitive evidence of aliens.

In recent months, cigar-shaped UFOs have
been in the spotlight after a series of such sightings over the US.

It started in June when a mysterious
snake-like object appeared over the Mojave Desert in California. Since, then
similar UFOs have been spotted over New York City, Orlando, Washington Dc, and

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