Image of Aliens Seen In A Stabilized Footage


Excited by the mystery of a famous video
captured in Turkey over a decade ago, some citizens over the internet processed
it through a stabilization tool, revealing strange images that could bewilder
even seasoned ufologists.

The enigma started back when a Turkish night
guard Yalcin Yalman began recording a video of bright, crescent-shaped objects that
appeared and regularly hovered over the Marmara Sea close to the resort village
of Kumburgaz in 2008.

His pastime made him famous as a UFO
spotter, and his videos immediately went viral because of their authenticity
confirmed by several experts and witnesses who saw similar objects at the time
of recording.

The device Yalman used was not impressive
at all because the original videos were very shaky. When zoomed in or out, the
quality and definition of the unstabilized recording dropped significantly. It
led some skeptics to suggest the UFO was an American stealth drone or other
advanced aircraft.

The Kumburgaz videos were stabilized many
times, including the last one surfacing online just this week. YouTube channel
Unidentified Aerial Phenomena made it available on the video-sharing site. Adobe
Premiere video editing tool was used for video stabilization to try solving the
mystery of the greenish dots in the center of the lit-up crescent.

Many netizens hailed the clip of its high
definition and outstanding quality as they noticed a striking resemblance
between the perceived look of aliens and the magnified dots.

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