Mysterious Structure Disappears on Google Earth


The appearance of an alien structure in
Antarctica has made the rounds online, but the disappearance that made it even
more exciting to many conspiracy theorists. The so-called alien structure has
surfaced and then disappeared on Google Earth, sparking conspiracy theories on
its origins after some suggested it had been black-out.

Some conspiracy theorists brought up a
possible top-secret government cover-up. YouTube conspiracy page
thirdphaseofmoon released the mysterious footage on the video-sharing site
showing a row of identical structures lined up apparently in Antarctica on
Google Earth. The place was claimed to be found at coordinates 75°
0’46.98″S 0° 4’52.71” E.

The massive structure also seems to have
undergone a significant change, with an alleged airstrip disappearing between
2015 and 2016.

Blake Cousins, who runs the YouTube
channel, suggested it may be an ancient alien city after analysing the footage.

He told viewers that he had never seen
anything like it before and said that the place gets more bizarre as they go
through it. He added that it is not some natural event created by weather as it
looks like each point has its own entrance, like some sort of tunnel. He
explained that there might be a hidden city below.

They measured the site at around 2,000

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