Driver Stuck in Traffic Captures a Video of Strange Rotating Disc in NC


Experts logged eleven UFO sightings last
month in North Carolina. However, if you include a lesser-known report made
close to Shelby, approximately 50 miles west of Charlotte, it is an even dozen.

The potential sighting has surfaced
publicly after a video showing a disc-like object appeared on YouTube. The UFO
on the video remained stationary for several minutes before disappearing over
Cleveland County.

According to the witness, the video was
recorded in the morning rush hour on 25th of October. The footage requested
viewers to offer ideas on what the mysterious thing might have been.

Aaron Bostic, 33, said that he was stuck in
traffic on U.S. 74 in Shelby when a diamond-shaped object came into his view
glowing brightly against a cloudy sky. He observed the object was somewhat
rotating. He added that it stuck out like a sore thumb.

Initially, he thought it was a plane
landing at Charlotte Douglas Airport or a big stunt drone but later wondered as
it stayed in the same spot for around two minutes.

He showed the video to his co-workers, but
nobody knew what it could have been. He added that the UFO did not have the
flashing lights of a helicopter and no right contours to be a blimp.

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