Huge UFO Scaring Away Fishermen and Leaving Landing Marks on the Ground


released images show the mysterious marks and burnt grass left behind by an
alleged UFO, which two fishermen claim to have observed while out on a late-night

In October
1995, more than two decades ago, Fernando Baserra and Wilson da Silvia Oliveira
say they were on Ilha do Major island in Sao Paulo, Brazil gathering their nets
when they spotted a disc-shaped UFO.

The pair
say they initially thought it was a balloon, but it approached at speed they
changed their mind and convinced it was an alien spaceship.

The intense
light made the pair terrified. They ran away and jumped on their boat, just a
few metres away the strange object landed moments later.

Wilson said
he nearly died of fear as he hid in the bottom of the boat.

added he saw the UFO changed direction as the light was over their heads and
went to a tiny island where it landed. He noticed several spinning lights on
the lower part of the strange object.

The pair
made around ten attempts until the engine started, and then they left as fast
as they could.

They could
see the UFO landed on a small island between them and the mangroves of the
Piacabucu River.

and Wilson safely went back home after the scare and told their relatives about
the incident but could not sleep despite taking a mild medication to help them
calm down.

The duo
claim they returned to the scene at dawn the next day and saw a circular mark
5.5 metres in diameter in the spot they thought the UFO had landed, where they
noticed dry, twisted and flattened vegetation in a clockwise direction.

They found
four marks from the rectangular support legs of the object, each measuring
10x15cm, distributed proportionately, and sank into the soil to a depth of

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