Former NASA Astronaut Admits To Seeing UFOs Aboard Space Station

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Jerry Linenger has revealed there were
multiple instances that made the entire space crew aboard the International
Space Station scratch their heads. Linenger, a former NASA astronaut, referred
to the anomalies as unidentified flying objects while requested the media not
to take him out of context.

Linenger admitted to seeing multiple
bizarre objects or unexplained things during his five-month stay in space.  He recalled how he and colleagues could only
guess and ask among themselves what they witnessed. He claimed to have seen
stuff that made him call his crewmates over.

Linenger, who’s also a former captain of
the U.S. Navy Medical Corps, not only stayed at NASA’s ISS but also did a stint
at the Russian Space Station Mir, which operated from the mid-1980s to 2001.

Along with two Russian crewmates, he spent
five months at the SS Mir, which was situated 50 million miles above Earth
while orbiting the planet 2,000 miles. He was the first American astronaut to
perform a spacewalk from a non-American space station while wearing a foreign
space suit.

Linenger has made a disclaimer, though,
that he made no mention of seeing aliens but only UFOs.

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