‘Hero’ brilliantly teaches man never to disrespect women on dating apps again


Unfortunately, more often than not, using dating apps can feel like trying to find that one acceptable needle in a haystack of disappointment.

One woman who received an insulting message from a potential match on Hinge decided that those in the man’s personal and professional life should know all about it.

Katie Pfeffer posted screenshots of her genius revenge to Twitter, where it has racked up almost 250,000 likes by others who related to her pain all too well.

After matching with a man named Lake on the dating app, Katie, from Colorado, may have been expecting a cheeky chat up line or simple introduction to get the ball rolling.

Instead, Lake decided to reply to one of Katie’s statements on her profile with: “Are you one of those hot girls that’s just plain retarded? Bc your bio makes it look that way.”

She took offence to his conversation starter

Rather than react to the rude message, Katie decided to teach him a lesson and tracked down the man’s dad on Instagram within five minutes.

She posted a photo of the message she sent, with the caption ‘never underestimate a girl’s investigation skills’, which read: “So sorry for the random message. Just thought you should know this is how your son speaks to women.”

And it didn’t stop there.

It didn’t take her long to find Lake’s dad and place of work

As the tweet went viral, Katie tracked down the company he currently works for, and copied them into the thread with the tweet: “Since posting this I’ve had four girls message me saying this man is abusive, manipulative and racist.

“I also found out he works as an intern for your company. If you’d like to know more please dm me.”

That tweet alone picked up more than 27,000 likes, so it’s fair to say it probably hasn’t been missed by his place of work.

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Others online loved her revenge, with many telling the FBI to give her a job.

Another replied: “The word hero gets thrown around a lot but I think, in your case, it definitely applies.”

A second said: “She’s doing the Lord’s work.”

A third simply wrote: “Queen end him.”

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