UFO Seen Flying Mysteriously Behind an Erupting Volcano


The moment the Popocatepetl volcano erupted
with a fireball spewing from the crater, a UFO was spotted that appeared to
float mysteriously in the background.

The volcano in central Mexico had two
eruptions and exploded incandescent material on Monday.

But observers with eagle eyes were quick to
point out the presence of a UFO in eruption footage.

The video shows the volcano erupting in a
fireball and expelling incandescent material from the crater.

As the smoke starts billowing from the
crater, a light appears streaking from left to right behind the volcano.

Many commented the light was a UFO. Some
said everything was normal before the explosion, but UFO appeared after that.

Another one added that the scientists and
media would say that it’s a meteorite.

One commented that the volcano served as an
alien headquarter, and they closed the door to scare the people so that nobody
goes there.

The authorities have cautioned citizens not
to approach the volcano as it stays in the yellow alert phase two.

Volcanologists said that the volcano could
erupt again at any time with potentially catastrophic consequences.  They noted that it’s not known when this will
occur or on what scale as volcanoes don’t erupt according to a schedule or
timetable, and the next major eruptions could be far away in the future.

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