Viva Air Pilot Captured Cube-like UFO at High Altitude


An airline pilot has shared incredible
footage showing a cube-shaped UFO moving across the sky. The cockpit view shows
what appears to be a metallic object flying at a hypersonic speed above
Columbia, without any visible means of propulsion.

Reportedly shot by a commercial pilot with
Viva Air, the incredible footage shows the cubic object shoot pass the aircraft
at a distance.

When zooms in, the high altitude object
resembles a cube and seems to glide down through the clouds like someone is
controlling it.

TikTok user CesarinMP first posted the
video before being published on January 31 to YouTube.

Some viewers of the footage observed the
cube UFO resembled a Borg spaceship from the Sci-fi series Star Trek.

This is not the first time a cube UFO has
been spotted as other cubes have been observed before by several witnesses,
including NASA.

In January, UFO enthusiasts were sent into a
frenzy after seeing a clip of block-shaped object hovering over Georgia, US. In
the short video, the object seems to hang aimlessly in the clear sky and looks
to move slowly and steadily.

In late 2018, NASA’s solar and heliospheric
observatory (SOHO) captured an apparent massive cube-shaped object. The UFO
appears to have a square shape with trails of gas or smoke following behind as
it descends into the star. The mysterious object hung steadily above the clouds
for a few minutes and at one point, ejected a red orb. The clip was uploaded to
the YouTube account ‘The Tales From Out There.’

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