Hey, Google, Where Are the Aliens? How UFO Enthusiasts Utilize Tech Giant’s Services to Search ETS in Antarctica


In December
last year, UFO fans were engaged in debates over a large mysterious hole in
Antarctica. Users believed the humongous structure was an entrance to a secret
military facility, which first appeared in 2007. However, it vanished shortly
afterwards. Twelve years later, it was found again on Google Maps.

It appears
that Antarctica has long pulled in fans of conspiracy theories since wild
stories surfaced that high-ranking Nazi officers could have escaped and gone to
Antarctica. However, Antarctica has become the most famous place for hunting
aliens using Google’s services. Here are the most exciting finds.

The Alien Face

One may
believe that aliens want humanity to find them after seeing the alien image. A
huge alien-like face on snow was discovered in Antarctica via Google Earth.
Footage posted on Instagram by ufo_scandinavia quickly made the rounds on the
internet with some social media users claiming the structure was left by aliens
or an ancient civilisation that lived in Antarctica.

Alien Ship

UFO fans
got baffled after YouTube user MrBB333 shared what he claims is a possible
capsized ship in Antarctica. On his channel, he posted a man showing how he
found a long cylindrical shape in the ground via Google Earth.

Strange Disc-Shaped Object on Mountain

It is
another find that baffled conspiracy theorists. YouTube user Sandra Elena
Andrade posted a video in December 2019 showing a massive black object that
many commenters said was an alien ship. The woman discovered the mysterious
object through Google Earth.

Ancient Alien City

channel thirdphaseofmoon co-author Blake Cousins claimed to have found an
entrance to a hidden base, thought to be owned by aliens. He said that the dark
shape on the snow looks like each one has a tunnel or cave that possibly
connected underneath the show. Some social media users believed Blake’s version,
while others thought this could be a hiding spot for a government project or

Massive Hole

The YouTube
channel thirdphaseofmoon stunned UFO followers again when they found a
mysterious hole on Google Maps in December 2019. The humungous hole first
appeared in 2007 but disappeared shortly afterward. According to Brett and
Blake Cousins, this cave could potentially accommodate up to thousands of
people. Brett added that it is big enough for flying saucers and spacecraft or
even assets in our military to fly.

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