Unimpressed Brits brutally mock Burger King New Zealand’s latest burger


Fast-food chain Burger King has recently shared the exciting news that they’re trialling a new sandwich in New Zealand.

But since the release, Brits have been mocking Burger King’s ‘innovative’ idea and were quick to point out that there is nothing new nor exciting about the new snack.

Burger King describes its new ‘burger’ as having “crispy golden fries, mayo and ketchup, nestled between two soft buns. His Royal Fry-ness, the CHIP BUTTY has arrived”.

And… Brits see it as a buttered roll with some chips thrown in, and a dollop of sauce for good measure – a staple British delicacy.

Burger King’s ‘new’ chip butty

One person said: “A chip butty. You’ve invented a chip butty.”

Another said: “Are Burger King really trying to own…a chip butty?”

A third also agreed: “Burger King think they invented the chip butty, le sigh. It’s a staple food in the UK, we either make it at home or buy one from the fish and chip shop. My preference is lashing of butter and a spinkle of salt.”

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And a fourth said: “Show ‘em a crisp butty. Their heads will explode” – can’t get much better than that.

The new ‘burger’ retails for $2 which works out as 99p, so it’s an absolute bargain – but would you expect anything less for chips in a bun?

And if that doesn’t excite you enough, you can upgrade your little bun of deliciousness, with strips of bacon for an extra $1 – 50p.


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