Landlord slammed for ‘passive aggressive’ housewarming gift for new tenants


Housewarming presents can be a vital lifeline at a time when money is pouring out of your bank account quicker than you can count it.

But a gift hamper from a landlord to a new tenant has split opinion after a photo was posted online, with some calling it a ‘passive aggressive’ move.

The landlord shared a photo of the goodies she had put together for someone who had recently moved into her rental property on the Bunnings Mums Australia Facebook page.

The caption read: “A house-warming gift for new tenant to help keep our renovated unit in good order.”

It included items such as toilet bleach, cleaning spray, sponges, air freshener, toilet paper, wash basket and clothes pegs – with a packet of chocolate biscuits thrown in for good measure.

One called the cleaning hamper ‘rude’

Some took offense to the gifts, as one replied: “Hope you left the receipt so they can get a refund on this passive aggressive hamper.”

Another wrote: “Yeah, now every time they clean they are going to feel your presumptuous judgment of their cleanliness. I’d chuck it all out so it didn’t p*** me off.”

As one compared the gesture to a food hamper, arguing it was done out of kindness and not expectation, another snapped back: “They want to make sure you have something to eat on your first few nights as moving in is a big task. That’s nice.

“Cleaning products? No… rude.”

Others stuck up for the landlord, saying they would be grateful for the gift knowing the mess that can come with unpacking in a new home, as reported by

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“I would be so thankful for this as a tenant!” wrote one.

A second commented: “As a renter, I would appreciate this. Sometimes when starting off these items can be expensive trying to purchase all at once, or not knowing what products are best to use etc.”

Another said: “Such a good way to get the tenant on the right side and have them want to keep the place looked after for you, well done.”

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