Kids’ fury after mum’s embarrassing mix-up with crayon outfits for school dress-up day


A mum had to treat her kids to a fun day out after her awkward fancy dress mix-up left them extremely embarrassed at school.

Leanne-Nicole Evans knew her children Charlie, eight, and Chloe, five, had a ‘dress up as a crayon’ day coming up at school, so she set to work making their outfits.

She made matching outfits in different colours – blue for Charlie and pink for Chloe – using a large piece of coloured card which she tied around their necks with string and cone hats.

Leanne-Nicole, from Worcestershire, told Mirror Online said: “I made there outfits Sunday evening and I dressed them in them for school Monday morning. My mom took them to school for me.”

But shortly after the kids were dropped off, Leanne-Nicole got a call from her mum alerting her to unfortunate error.

They look very cute!

She said: “I got a phone call off my mom saying no one else was dressed up.

“I checked the school website and it was the complete wrong day and month.”

Oh dear…

Thankfully the school did everything they could to save the situation for Charlie and Chloe, wiping the face paint off and giving them spare uniform to wear for the day.

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But it’s fair to say the kids weren’t happy with poor Leanne-Nicole.

She said: “My kids came home and went mad at me saying I had got the wrong day and the looked like absolute wollys.

” I had to bribe them to forgive me. I gave them sweets and a trip out wherever they wanted to go on the weekend.”

Well, at least this means the impressive costumes are ready to go for when the actual date arrives…

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